New in Sweden

Welcome to Gnesta!

The Gnesta municipality provides support and guidance to those who are new to the municipality and to Sweden. The municipality’s integration coordinator is on hand to assist those of you who have recently arrived to the country and those who have been granted Swedish residency. The integration coordinator also provides information to those of you who have moved to Gnesta municipality for reasons such as work or study. In the cases of refugees who are unaccompanied minors, the child protection and family services agency was responsible.

You can also get information regarding who to contact about different questions you may have at the municipality’s civic office. You can obtain the necessary forms and get help with filling them out, along with many other services offered by the office. The civic office is located in central Gnesta near Strömmentorget square, in the same building as the library.

Information for those of you who have emigrated to and settled in Gnesta

Whether you are a single adult or have a family and children, there are certain things that you should keep in mind when you move to Sweden. Below is a simple checklist that you may find helpful.

  • Report in person to the tax office in Nyköping in order to receive the last 4 digits of your personal identity number. Bring along all the significant documentation of your identity that you took with you from your home country.
  • Register yourself with the Swedish Social Insurance Agency; include a copy of your residence permit.
  • Sign up for Swedish language classes. Gnesta municipality offers them through the continuing education programme at the Utbildningscentrum education center.
  • If you have children who require preschool or kindergarten placement, contact the Gnesta municipal offices.
    Click here to learn more about preschool and kindergarten options.
  • If your children are school age, contact the Gnesta municipal offices before the beginning of the school year. Click here to learn more about primary schools.

    For more information, contact the integration coordinator at tel: 0158 - 275 470 or the integration strategist at tel: 0158-275 527. You can contact the civic office by calling tel: 0158 - 275 666.

For more information, contact the integration coordinator at tel: 0158 - 275 470.

We’ve assembled this list of links where you can find information that you may find helpful when you first arrive in Gnesta and in Sweden. The information on these pages is available in many different languages. Click on the link and select your language preference.

Försäkringskassan (the Swedish Social Insurance Agency) with a film about the Swedish social security system. External link.

Comprehensive information about Swedish language school for new arrivals External link.

About the Right of Public Access – Rights and obligations regarding public access to public lands in Sweden - What’s the deal? External link.

The Health Care Guide - How does the Swedish health care system work? External link.

The employment office – How to find work and training opportunities External link.

The Swedish Migration Board External link.

Here you will find information in easy-to-read Swedish.