Living Here

What does living in Sweden involve?

Take a look at this film, which we’ve borrowed from another municipality. The same rules apply if you live in Gnesta municipality.

Living in Gnesta

There are many different kinds of living arrangements in Gnesta. You can live in an apartment or in a villa. You can rent your home or buy an apartment or villa.

The largest rental agency in the area is called Gnesta hem. If you rent public housing, it is a good idea to put yourself on the housing list as soon as possible, in case you might wish to move to another public housing unit in the future.


Everyone who lives in the municipality has the right to garbage collection. We provide bins that we put outside your house or building. If you rent your apartment or house, it is the owner of your apartment or house who is responsible for making sure the garbage is collected.

Garbage is separated into two different bags. The green bags are for food waste. This might include such things as potato or banana peels or rotten fruit. You throw all your other garbage into a normal plastic bag.
You should never throw medicine, electronics, or other such dangerous items in the garbage.

When you buy a house, you have to fill out a form in order to arrange for garbage pick-up. You can also call customer service. They will then send the form to your home.

For more information, call customer service at tel: 0158 - 275 200. We speak both Swedish and English.


At the Gnesta recycling center, you can throw away larger items that don’t fit in a normal garbage dumpster. You can also dispose of electronics and other hazardous items. Expired or unwanted medicines should be turned in at the pharmacy.

The recycling center is located at 11 Vackerby Industriväg road in Gnesta.

You need a card in order to dispose of garbage at the recycling centre. If you rent an apartment or house, you should contact the owner to get a card. If you buy a house, you will receive a card from customer service.