Support and Care

Gnesta offers support and help to people who live in the municipality. For example, the municipality offers certain kinds of help if you or a family member are disabled or require support, or other kinds of help for seniors over the age of 65.

Social Services

Social services is responsible for giving help and support to those living in the municipality who encounter social problems. These may include drug or alcohol dependency, difficulties coping, physical abuse by a loved one, help for a child in need, or assistance for a parent in need.. You can apply for support and help. Social services will then investigate your case and make a decision based on your or your family’s needs.

Call the reception desk of the social services office if you wish to know more or want to apply for assistnace; tel: 0158- 275 145.

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The Youth Clinic for Social and Medical Guidance

The Gnesta youth clinic is located at the health center at 29 Nygatan street in Gnesta.

You are welcome to visit the youth clinic if you are over 13, and until December 31 of the year you turn 20. If you are male or transgender, you are welcome until you turn 23.

The youth clinic is intended for those of you who want to talk about your relationships, sexuality, and body, about how you are feeling emotionally, or about pregnancy, abortion, birth control, or getting tested for sexually transmitted diseases.

All employees of the youth clinic are sworn to keep your personal information completely confidential. All visits are free of charge.

You can contact the youth clinic at tel: 0158- 524 32.

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