Tourist information

Gnesta is a municipality situated right in the centre of Södermanland. During the winter months, it is home to just over 11,000 people. In the summer the population is much larger, since there are numerous second homes out in the lovely countryside.

From Stockholm, a commuter train will get you to Gnesta in an hour, while the regional service takes little more than thirty minutes. There are excellent rail links with many of the bigger towns in Sweden. Linköping, for example, is only a two hours journey away, and a further hour will take you all the way to Gothenburg. Gnesta to Nyköping takes just over an hour, and you can get to Skavsta international airport in only 40 minutes.

Small companies flourish in Gnesta, and there are lots of them. In fact, there are more than 1 162 registered businesses, many of them farms. Along with our 180 lakes, these add to the rich variety of the countryside — small in scale and delightfully attractive.

In Gnesta you can indulge in any number of recreational activities in a charming rural setting that offers adventures of all sorts for all interests and ages, whatever the season.