Gnesta itself is the chief town and administrative centre of the municipality. Gnesta owes much of its history to its importance as a railway town. Indeed, along with the main square, the old station building, which dates back to 1907, is at the very heart of the community. Here, too, are any number of small, picturesque shops and boutiques.

If you´re looking for a bite to eat, there are plenty of cosy cafés and restaurants to choose from. Thai, grilled steaks, pizza or just a cup of steaming hot coffee — here, there´s something for every taste.

One of Gnesta´s newest restaurants is housed in the former residence of the chief permanent way inspector. The view from the Terrace out towards Frösjön is magical.

Gnestahöjden, with its quaint houses climbing up a pretty hillside, is one of the oldest parts of Gnesta. In Frönäs, beautifully designed houses are being constructed in a small-scale setting close to the lake, while on Bryggeriholmen tenant-owners´ homes are going up at an attractive site by Frösjön

As a bonus, all round Gnesta there´s excellent fishing in Klämmingen and Frösjön lakes.